Lottery at BC Game Casino in India: Overview, How to Play

BC Game Lottery is a catalog of 250+ online lotteries played in real time. The region of the games involves all the parts of the world, including India. At the same time, more than a hundred options allow you to participate in dozens of rounds daily thanks to the access to the various providers. Register on the official BC Game website, play online lotteries and win impressive jackpots right now and use our 180% registration bonus of up to 20,000 BCD (≈1,670,000 INR).

Participate in online lotteries at BC Game and hit the jackpot.

The filter of the popular lotteries will help you to find the options to place bets on the drawings in India or focus on our BC Game Lottery jackpot exceeding 8 million Indian rupees. You can select the following trendy and licensed games to enjoy and win the top prize in the next drawing.

Open BC Game, buy tickets, wait for the draw and claim your prizes.

BC Lottery Jackpot

BC Game Lottery is an exciting and provably fair lottery game where players have the opportunity to win over 1 million rupees.

Try your luck with the Polish Keno lottery at BC Game.

Poland Keno 20/70

The Polish Keno lottery accepts bets for up to 8 selected balls to have a multiplier of 18,000x and an odd or even sum of scores.

Feel the adrenaline rush by participating in the Rapido Russia lottery at BC Game.

Rapido Russia 8/20

You can pick a draw sum range in the Rapido Russia lotto to get odds up to 88.00, considering the size of the values.

Have fun playing the Fast Keno lottery at BC Game.


The online fast keno draws budgets from 200,000 INR among Indian players every 5 minutes daily, creating hundreds of rounds restlessly.

Join BC Game and bet on the Slovakia Eklub Keno lottery anytime.

Slovakia Eklub Keno 20/80

It is possible to predict over and under sums for Slovakia Eklub Keno turbo rounds to get an optimal 1.8x multiplier.

Become a winner in the Greece KENO lottery with BC Game.

Greece KENO 20/80

One has the option to pick numbers automatically to participate in the Greece KENO 20/80 rounds without much overthinking.

Check out the stats to increase your chances of winning the Italy 10e Lotto at BC Game.

Italy 10e Lotto 20/90

Studying the statistics of the previous rounds in Italy 10e Lotto enables gamblers to evaluate the probability of various balls.

Register at BC Game and join the exciting Spanish Express lottery.

Spanish Express 20/70

The Spanish Express lotto attracts thousands of Indian players with the opportunity to activate a discount of up to 10% on 4 or more draws.

Start your journey through the world of BC Game online lotteries.

You must understand the algorithm for playing the lottery on our BC Game platform to select approximate options or maximize your profits. Anyone signing up for the account will need to be aged 18 or older. If you fancy taking your chances on the BC Game crypto lottery, you need to follow just a few steps before you can purchase your potential golden ticket:

  1. Create an account. Register on the BC Game website or mobile app.
  2. Top up the balance. Make a deposit via an available payment system or crypto wallet.
  3. Select a suitable game. Go to the “Lotteries” section and select the desired lottery from the catalog.
  4. Select your lucky numbers. Select the nearest draw and enter the combination of numbers.

A player buys a certain number of lottery tickets and selects a certain number of “Bets”. You can choose a number of bets (balls) from the number provided (usually between 4 and 6), as well as make a separate bet for the jackpot draw. The lottery draws are conducted online. You can follow the results of lottery draws in real time.


If you are yet to try out this website, take a look at the BC Game sign up bonus and take advantage of a huge range of slots, an excellent sports betting, and a huge range of ongoing promos. In addition, the newcomers can boost up to 4 initial deposits to maximize the benefits of using the promotional program in the lotteries or Crash games.

Top-Up Number Welcome Bonus
First deposit A 180% deposit boost with the promotional money reaching 300,000,000 INR
Second deposit You can collect a 240% bonus of up to 400,000,000 INR
Third deposit It is possible to participate in a 300% deposit reload offer with promo funds reaching 500,000,000 INR
Fourth deposit A 360% bonus of up to 600,000,000 INR
Don't miss your chance to win big money in BC Game lotteries.

The online lotteries in our BC Game casino all have licensed random number generators to provide quality service without biased results. Thus, you can currently participate in the drawings of the following great lotteries:

  • Poland Keno;
  • Marruecos Keno;
  • Gosloto Russia;
  • Gimme;
  • Mega Sena, etc.

Once the draw is completed, you will be able to see the successful combination in the results section. Also in this section you will be able to see the list of winners and their winnings, considering the info of providers.

A lottery (or lotto) is a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize. Many recent lotteries allow purchasers to select the numbers on the lottery ticket, resulting in the possibility of multiple winners. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, the chance to purchase your tickets at any point prior to draw time and checking out the winning numbers at your leisure has plenty of appeal. However, the modern online lottos can vary the number of values in the game and available betting markets to enhance the gambling experience.

Make your betting decision and become a lottery participant at BC Game.

The chances of winning a lottery jackpot can vary widely depending on the lottery design, and are determined by several factors, including the count of possible numbers, the count of winning numbers drawn, whether or not order is significant, and whether drawn numbers are returned for the possibility of further drawing. Meanwhile, you can always select any number of values if you don’t want to take much risk. The detailed statistics of the previous rounds are usually available for every lotto to adjust your decisions considering the statistical calculations.

Choose your favorite lottery and start winning with BC Game.

The wide range of betting markets helps players manage their risk by choosing an even or odd sum of values in a round, making the probability of winning around 50%. On the other hand, guessing the range of the sums of the numbers on the balls will allow you to choose one of 12 outcomes with a multiplier of 6x or more.

Gamblers can also read the answers to the popular questions about the lotteries in BC Game to learn the essential information about this type of game.

What are lotteries at BC Game casino?

Lotteries at the BC Game casino are gambling games where the player has to guess the values of the appearing balls. Furthermore, each bet forms a total pot to divide the prize proportionally between the participants, considering everyone’s predictions.

Is the BC Game lottery jackpot real or fake?

The BC Game lottery jackpot is real. Nonetheless, the legality of lotteries in India is a matter for the states. Under the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998, the central government has allowed all states to frame their own laws. Therefore, state lotteries are legal in some Indian states and prohibited in others.

Is It legal to play online lotteries in India?

Yes, participating in online lottery draws is legal in India. However, you need to check if your state allows playing such games.

Can I play the BC Game lottery from my smartphone?

Yes, you can play the BC Game lottery from your smartphone. You can buy lottery tickets for 10 rupees or more and watch the drawings on the BC Game app without lags.

Where to view winning tickets?

You can see the winning ticket combination in the “Results” section of each lottery page. The BC Game Lottery Jackpot also shows the biggest wins daily.

Do BC Game lotteries have differences?

Yes, BC Game lotteries have differences. Most lotteries have varying winning budgets and betting systems, ranging from buying multiple tickets to increase the chance of success to guessing the sum of the values on the balls.

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