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Crash is a simple casino game from BC Originals in which you will see a white dot representing a rocket moving diagonally across the graph to the upper right corner. As the point moves forward, it will gain various multipliers before an “explosion” occurs. Your task is to predict how far a line with a dot will fly before it explodes. It is possible to place a bet on these forecasts. If you correctly predict, you will receive a reward equal to your initial wager times the already applied multiplier. Register and receive 360% welcome bonuses on your first 4 deposits up to 100,000 BCD (≈8,350,000 INR)!

Predict, bet and win by playing BC Game Crash online casino.

BC Game Crash is an exciting and fast-paced crypto casino game that offers exciting opportunities for big winnings. You can improve your chances of winning by first becoming familiar with the rules, then familiarizing yourself with a variety of strategies, and finally developing responsible gambling habits. Make sure you keep in mind that the most essential thing is to play within your financial means and to enjoy yourself while you are playing BC.Game. Good luck, and I hope you have a fun game!

✔️ Name Crash
🎲 Provider BC.Game
✅ Category Crash game
💸 Minimum/Maximum Bet 0.0000001 BTC
⚙️ Volatility Varies from low to medium
💫 Characteristics Random Number Generator, Live statistics, Two game modes (classic mode and trenball mode), Сash-out option
Go to BC Game and start playing Crash.
Cash out your bet at BC Game Crash before the end of the round.
Bet on a line color and win in BC Game Crash.
Try using the betting strategy feature in Crash at BC Game.
Read the description of BC Game Crash to increase your chances of winning.
Sign up, make a deposit and place a bet to enjoy playing BC Game Crash online.

In a crash game, players place bets before the start of the round, predicting at what point the game will “end in a crash.” As the round progresses, the multiplier increases gradually, and players can cash out their bets at any time. However, if they fail to cash out before the crash occurs, they will lose their bets. How to play Crash on BC Game if you don’t have an account on the platform yet?

  1. Go to the casino website, click the BC Game register button, select the registration method and specify the necessary data.
  2. Complete the registration by confirming your email or phone number.
  3. Make your first deposit using a cryptocurrency that is convenient for you.
  4. Go to the Casino section-BC Originals-Crash.
  5. Choose a cryptocurrency and place a bet.
  6. Make sure that you have time to cash out before the line collapses, and all accumulated winnings will be canceled along with the bet.
  7. When you want to finish the game and withdraw your winnings, you can also easily do this in the payments section.

Your objective is to ensure that you collect the winnings before the line breaks down. Only the most courageous players who do not take their winnings out of the game too soon are able to experience the joy that comes with a significant victory. This straightforward idea conceals an exciting game that it is possible for every player to experience.

Join BC Game to enjoy the Crash game and have fun.

The interface of our crash game contains manual and advanced playing modes that allow you to add scripts for automation or select the exit point in real time. You will also see the overall poll of bets and the number of players in the games with their placed amounts. At the same time, the gamblers can open the statistics to explore the current trend and study the results of the last 8 rounds.

Easy-to-use mobile app for playing BC Game Crash online on smartphone.

Did you know that crash games were originally designed to be played on mobile devices? All fans of crash games will be glad to know that the mobile version of our application will work in any browser, even on devices with minimal system requirements. You won’t have to download BC Game app and keep updating it, and it won’t take up the memory of your smartphone or tablet. The user-friendly interface, extensive payment options, and prompt customer support of our platform — all this contributed to its huge popularity.

See what you need to do in order to install the BC Game Crash progressive web app for Android:

1. Open a website from your smartphone

Open BC.Game from your smartphone in most convenient for you browser, e.g., in Google Chrome.

Use the Chrome browser to open the website and download BC Game app to play Crash game from your smartphone.

2. Tap Chrome menu button

By doing so, you will have access to browser settings.

Click on the browser menu button to install the BC Game Crash app.

3. Install the App

Now, BC.Game is accessible on our device with the PWA (Progressive Web App), making it more convenient than ever!

Select the install button from the list to start playing BC Game Crash game online on your smartphone.

Here’s how you can get it to your iOS device:

1. Open website in Safari

Launch the Safari web browser on your iOS device.

Click on the Safari browser icon and open the BC Game casino website.

2. Tap Sharing button

Just select “Share” from the browser menu at the bottom.

Use the share button at the bottom of the screen to install the BC Game Crash app for iOS.

3. Add to Home Screen

In the drop-down menu, click on “Add to Home Screen” and the app will be added to your home screen immediately.

Add the BC Game Crash app to home screen and start playing game right now.

On our platform, you will not find special bonuses specifically for fans of crash games, but you can participate in all other bonus offers such as Daily quests and spins, VIP bonuses and, of course, a welcome bonus consisting of 4 deposits.

Read the terms and conditions of the BC Game Crash welcome bonus.

New players of BC Game receive deposit bonuses of up to 360% as a welcome bonus. However, the availability of the deposit bonus in full depends on the time of replenishment of the account and the amount.

To access this deposit bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit. The bonus also applies to the next three deposits, see details below:

Deposit Bonus Amount Minimum Deposit
First 180% bonus up to 20,000 BCD (≈ 1,670,000 Rs) $10 (≈ 1,018.01 Rs)
Second 240% bonus up to 40,000 BCD (≈ 3,340,000 Rs) $50 (≈ 4,172.18 Rs)
Third 300% bonus up to 60,000 BCD (≈ 5,010,000 Rs) $100 (≈ 8,344.37 Rs)
Fourth 360% bonus up to 100,000 BCD (≈ 8,350,000 Rs) $200 (≈ 16,688.74 Rs)

All of these deposits have to be made at the same time in order to be eligible for the bonuses that correspond to them. Prior to the bonus being credited to the player’s rakeback account, the player must first fulfill the wagering requirements.

There is no BC Game Crash predictor apk.

No, there is no official crash predictor apk because the game involves the provably fair algorithm, utilizing the blockchain system to generate the result. Thus, the publicly available apps for Android, iOS or PC have a high risk of fraud. On the other hand, you can use the LLM models, like ChatGPT, to align your decisions with popular strategies to help you increase the winning rate by analyzing individual statistics.

BC Game Crash is about ease of use, big wins and unpredictable results.

Crash games have gained huge popularity and have become the best choice in many online casinos around the world. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing Crash:


  • It’s easy to understand: For the most part, crash games are straightforward and do not call for intricate strategies or rules. Your level of risk tolerance and your luck both play a role in determining the outcome, which helps to ensure that it is accessible to all players;
  • Flexible settings: Within the game of Crash, you have the ability to set up automatic bets and payouts, which will ensure that you do not miss out on the perfect opportunity. This gives you the ability to adjust the risk level according to the payout that you prefer, taking into account the various playing styles that are available;
  • Full cryptocurrency support: As a result of the fact that crash games were initially developed for crypto casinos, they are an excellent option for betting with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies;
  • Large Payouts: Experienced players are aware that the Crash BC Game has the potential to offer significant multipliers, which can result in substantial payouts. This is despite the fact that some people may believe that the majority of rounds end at the 1x mark.
  • Unpredictable results: One of the most significant drawbacks of playing Crash games is that the outcomes are completely unpredictable. Crash might not be the best option for you if you are someone who enjoys experimenting with different strategies or keeping an active hand over the course of the game.

Overall, Crash games offer an exciting and engaging experience thanks to the easy-to-understand gameplay and potential big wins.

Explore our strategies to know, how to win BC Game Crash.

Beginners should adopt realistic expectations, implement responsible gaming habits, and focus on the fundamental mechanics of Crash. While luck plays a significant role, simple strategies can help players navigate the game and make them comfortable and secure while betting. It is possible to highlight the following time-tested crash strategies:

  • Martingale strategy. This is a popular method in the crash casino game, where you double your bet after each loss because when you win, you return to your original bet size;
  • D’alembert strategy. Frequently employed by seasoned gamblers in the crash gambling game, the D’Alembert Strategy involves increasing your bet by a certain unit after a loss and decreasing it by the same unit after a win;
  • Fibonacci strategy. After each loss, you choose the next multiplier in the sequence, and after a win, you move back two numbers.

The RTP rate of 99%, combined with the thrill of timing your exit before a crash, creates an engaging game environment that appeals to risk-takers and strategic thinkers alike.

Find out which cryptocurrency can be used in Crash at BC Game.

The players in the BC Game Crash game can place bets and get the winnings in fiat money and crypto coins, depending on the selected balance of the account. You can currently use the following cryptocurrencies in our casino’s gambling title.

Cryptocurrency Minimum Bet Maximum Bet
BTC 0.0000001 BTC (0.56 INR) 916 BTC (5,144,990,450 INR)
USDT 0.0001 USDT (0.0083 INR) 92,217,911,738 USDT

(7,678,126,060,605 INR)

ETH 0.0000001 ETH (0.026 INR) 28,611,493,772 ETH

(2,382,050,926,103 INR)

BCD 0.0001 BCD (0.0083 INR) 19,994 BCD

(1,664,928 INR)

TRX 0.0014 TRX (0,014 INR) 91,670,097,812 TRX

(934,433,930,514 INR)

BNB 0.00000042 BNB (0.02 INR) 40 BNB

(1,920,135 INR)

LTC 0.000001 LTC (0.0069 INR) 928,990,128 LTC

(6,410,617,939,270 INR)

XRP 0.0002 XRP (0.0085 INR) 91,816,448 XRP

(3,919,328,624 INR)

Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that every crypto coin has a maximum profit limit per bet, making it necessary to explore the information tab in the game before placing a significant amount.

Other Сrash games from BC Originals are also available on the BC Game website.

You will find a large number of games from BC Originals on our website. Among these games, you will not only find crash games but also other games that allow you to multiply your profits. Each and every one of them has a tasteful design, an intuitive user interface, and nothing but fair play! Here are just some of the games that you will see in this tab:

Can I win at Crash all the time?

Despite the fact that luck plays a significant part in crash games, players can improve their chances of winning by employing strategies that are proven to be effective. Because the game is based on a random number generator, it is impossible for any artificial intelligence to predict the outcomes of the game.

Why is BC Game Crash Predictor bot free not working?

The thing is that the game is based on a random number generator and this algorithm is impossible to guess. The main goal of any player is, first of all, to enjoy the game and not to expect a big win, so we do not recommend using any programs to predict the results.

Are crash gambling games rigged?

For the purpose of ensuring that players have a fair gaming experience, reputable platforms such as BC Game use random number generators. Every single one of our games is completely fair and risk-free. Nevertheless, it is of the utmost importance to select trustworthy platforms in order to avoid the possibility of fraudulent or unfair practices.

How do I win the BC Game Crash?

First, it is important to set a budget and stick to it, avoiding excessive gambling. In addition, studying the patterns of the game and past results can provide insight into potential points of failure. Some players also use progressive betting strategies, gradually increasing or decreasing their bets depending on previous results.

What are crash games?

Gambling is becoming more and more popular in the world of online gambling. Crash games offer an exciting and dynamic experience in which players can potentially increase their bets in a matter of seconds. With an impressive 99% return to player (RTP) percentage, Crash has become one of the most profitable and sought-after games in BC.Game.

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